Are you Ready to Find the Best Version of You?

Have you reached the Best Version of You yet? Near the end and beginning of each year, many personal coaches will talk about creating your Best Year Yet. But what is really more important? Your Best Year Yet seems to mean having the best time, enjoying what life has to offer, or achieving your highest goals thus far. But what if your goals still leave you feeling empty despite having achieved them? What if you are out “having a great time” and yet there still seems to be something missing in your life? What if you feel you have achieved everything life has to offer, but you are still not happy?

What if instead you were able to create the Best Version of You? What would this mean? It might mean that you are able to get in touch with your true self, find what really makes you happy, recover from past hurts, and create a life where you feel energised, healthy and productive, living life at its best. How much would this mean to you?

So why is it important to create a Best Version of You? It is like You are the foundation of your life, and your relationships, your work, and your environment and everything that you build into your life can only be as good or as strong as what you are truly underneath. So many people try to create their perfect life, working towards the perfect business, find the perfect partner, and earn a huge amount of money, believing they will find total happiness when they achieve these things. But do they? Can they if they haven’t learned yet how to look within first and do the work on their inner self. Not doing the inner work first would just be like trying to build a house without any firm foundations… at some point it is all just going to topple over.

If I look at my life before this moment, I can tell you that I have been both richer and poorer, I have been skinnier and fatter, I have had lots of different friends over the years and now have settled for a few special ones, I have been married previously and I am now divorced. I have also achieved many things and failed many things. And you know what? Despite all these experiences, challenges and imperfections, I now feel that I am closer to being the Best Version of Me because of the work I have done on myself, and because I embrace resistance, and push myself forward to live life at a higher level. The flow-on effect? I have a much better business and life since doing this. It is all inter-related.

So are you also ready to do the work on your inner self and create the Best Version of You? Are you ready to provide the foundations for yourself for an amazing life? Click here if the answer is Yes!!